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  • Jessica Luft

What's all the buzz about Collagen?

It is certainly something that seems to be everywhere these days but what is it exactly and why do we need it? 

There are actually 16 different types of collagen in our bodies and it is the most abundant protein acting as the glue that keeps skin together to give it strength and elasticity.  Almost one-third of our bodies is made up of it and almost three-quarters is in our skin. Sadly, as we age, our body slows down its production which typically shows up as fine lines, wrinkles, and sore joints and muscles.  By the age of 20, our collagen decreases by 1% every year and the most significant decline is right after menopause.

Some causes of collagen decline

1. Age

2. Smoking

3. Eating too much processed sugar

4. Damage from the Sun

5. Menopause

6. Environmental toxins

7. Free radical damage 

Ways to support your collagen production:

Collagen powder can be easily added to your shake or water (note the majority of collagen supplements come from marine and bovine sources).

Vitamin C is vital for collagen synthesis so incorporate more vitamin C-rich foods into your diet such acerola cherries, sweet yellow peppers, kale, strawberries and oranges. 

Start reducing some of the causes of collagen decline (that you can control). In my coming blog posts, I will be touching more on the causes of collagen decline and what you can do to prevent premature aging.


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