Are You Ready to Get Glowing?


My Philosophy on Healthy, Glowing Skin

I specialize in using a comprehensive holistic approach to identify and understand what is going on with the person as a whole.  I focus on internal and external factors such as proper nutrition (what I call Beauty Nutrition!), digestive support, lifestyle changes, environmental factors and customized skincare recommendations. 
I've witnessed too many people "treating" symptoms with harmful medications, antibiotics, creams and ointments, rather than focusing on root causes which often are a result of what we put into and on our bodies.  Too many are frustrated with a lack of results and wasted money on useless (and often harmful) products, and often simply are not feeling any better or seeing any improvements in their skin or overall health.
Small repeated changes lead to long-term sustainable results. Having healthy skin requires a multi faceted approach requiring dedication, consistency and commitment. 
It is likely your skin issues didn't happen overnight therefore addressing them will take time.  Remember it takes just over a month for your skin cells to regenerate so you could have brand new glowing skin in as little as a month. 
Take advantage of all the information offered on my website intended to educate and inspire you to be more confident and empowered on your own journey.  


Having glowing and healthy skin requires much more than just washing your face and putting cream on.  It requires a multi faceted approach by addressing your skin both internally and externally.
Isn't it time you put your best face forward?

Congratulations on taking the first step towards more clear, healthy and glowing skin!

There are several key areas of focus that are imperative to getting that glow you have always wanted.   Most often it isn’t just one root cause that is  out of balance.  All of my offerings whether personal or group, are created with these areas of focus in mind. if you are frustrated with any of the below there are things you can do the trick is knowing where to start but that is what I am here for.

Do you suffer from:

  • Acne

  • Eczema

  • Rosacea

  • Sensitive skin

  • Hyperpigmentation

  • Premature aging

  • Fine lines

  • Wrinkles

  • Loss of elasticity

  • Dry/flaky skin

Each of us is unique and our needs and expectations can differ from person to person.  If you are ready to dig deeper to start uncovering the root cause of you specific condition or frustration, as opposed to simply treating the symptoms, then I encourage you to book a Healthy Skin Nutritional Consultation....your skin will thank you!

My consultations and programs are designed to address some or all of these root causes...

  • Inflammation

  • Detoxification

  • Hormonal imbalance 

  • Stress management

  • Gut healing / digestive issues 

  • Increasing nutrient intake 

  • Blood sugar imbalances

  • Food sensitivities & allergies 

  • Oxidative damage

  • External factors

  • Using incorrect products


Healthy Skin Nutritional Consultation


This is a personalized and in-depth analysis into your main concerns where you receive a comprehensive and tailored program which gets to the root causes of your particular skin issues. 

We will discuss:

  • Your main skin concerns, expectations and goals.

  • Health history, diet and overall lifestyle. 

  • Your current skin care routine ​

You will receive a customized program to get you on the right path to feeling better and more healthy and glowing skin. It covers: 

  • NUTRITION and the specific foods to both eliminate and integrate into your weekly shopping and meal prep which also includes seven days worth of recipes 

  • SUPPLEMENTS may be recommended to support and boost your nutrient intake and overall skin health needs. 

  • LIFESTYLE recommendations to help you maintain all of the positive steps and changes for many years to come! 

  • BONUS: PROFESSIONAL SKIN CARE RECOMMENDATIONS to address your main skin issues and promote long-term skin health 


$210 CDN 


60 min initial
30 min recommendation session

30 mins follow-up

These sessions are all conducted virtually

All consultations are private and confidential.

"Beauty is the best possible version of you from the inside and out"


I'm ready to move forward but am looking for more information and/or have questions.

Why not start with a "Discovery" Call? 

Complimentary/30 mins.


  • The "Discovery Call" is the perfect opportunity for us to briefly discuss your main skin concern, answer any questions you may have and go over which of my offerings would best address your needs.

  • There is no obligation to continue after the "Discovery" call as my only requirement is that you are genuinely interested and committed to helping yourself!

  • Please note that there are no recommendations provided during the Discovery Call.

  • This session typically lasts between 15-30 minutes.

  • This is offered in a private and confidential setting from the comfort of your own home.


My seminars offer a fun, informative and dynamic way for you to take control of your health and beauty. 


I share my passion and expertise about our largest organ. Participants learn about various skin issues and their causes along with preventative strategies including reversing aging at a cellular level.  

These seminars are the perfect opportunity to connect, and answer your questions in the comfort of your own home. 

*In person sessions will resume at a later date.

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"Understanding Your Skin 101"


"Is your skin trying to tell you something?"

Your skin is not only your largest organ but is also an important defence against a variety of harmful environmental exposures. Your skin is also a direct reflection of what could be going on within your body such as food sensitivities or allergies, toxins and/or hormonal imbalances.​

This seminar focuses on:


  • How to determine your skin type

  • Beauty enhancers that support your skin 

  • Radiance reducers to avoid

  • Common skin conditions and causes 

  • What you can start doing today to achieve that healthy glow

Skintastic Smoothies cover.jpg

PLUS! You receive for FREE!

"Skintastic Smoothies" ebook packed with simple and delicious skin loving recipes and more.


Tuesday, June 29th, 2021 - 7:00pm

1 hour / Online


Online Programs

My online programs are a great way to learn about the variety of contributing factors affecting overall skin health and because they're online, you can curl up on your couch from anywhere in the world, all from the comfort of your own device. 

All of my programs are designed to inform, educate, de-mystify and empower you to start addressing your own skin concerns - beginning from within. 


Whether it's one of my seasonal glow programs focused on supporting the bodies natural detoxification process, or my more targeted online group coaching programs designed to address your main skin concern and yield long term sustainable results.



The truth is we all need a break; a vacation from the stresses of life and this toxic world to recharge, refresh, reboot, and cleanse the body naturally. The food you eat matters in this toxic world so it's so important to support your body's natural detoxification process to help naturally release toxins that lead to wrinkles, breakouts, eczema and dull dry skin.   

I created these programs for real people like you who have demanding schedules, jobs, and a full life. I wanted to create programs for you filled with secrets to get that healthy glow based on centuries-old practices to support and heal the skin and slow the aging process.

Incorporating beauty nutrients should be a daily habit if you want to feel and look your best. That’s why I’m so passionate about teaching you how to make this program a part of your daily life.

You will benefit from learning how to start:

  • Reducing toxins that lead to inflammation, eczema, acne and premature wrinkles.

  • Eliminating foods and common allergens that create imbalances in you digestive system that reduce the absorption of beneficial beauty nutrients. 

  • Eating foods that are not only nourishing to the body but can help heal and repair your skin.

  • Supporting your detoxification organs. 

  • Shopping for seasonal foods that help you nourish the skin and provide it with the nutrients it needs most at that time. 

"The road to clearer and healthier skin is more than just washing your face and putting cream on.  It requires a multi-faceted approach that needs be to addressed internally through nutrition and lifestyle and externally by using the appropriate products."


"Most skin conditions don’t happen overnight therefore it requires dedication, consistency and commitment but I promise you it will be worth it." 

- Jess

"Love Your Skin"