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  • Jessica Luft

The Dilemma..To Eat Or Not To Eat.

You know those times when you have a weak moment and everything you have been trying so hard not to do is staring you right in the face begging you to give in?   Well that happened to me this weekend.  After a really long and busy day I just needed to eat something, anything so we chose a local Italian eatery which gives you unlimited warm fresh bread and butter you know the kind that is pipping hot, right out the over and topped with garlic butter that

you just can't resist?

Well sometimes just sometimes no matter how hard you try the one thing you shouldn't have wins the battle and the next thing you know you are enjoying every last bite of it knowing you will regret it the next day.  Now I have a severe sensitivity to wheat (which unfortunately is in almost everything) so I took my digestive enzyme and prayed for the best.

Thankfully I felt alright but my skin would disagree and just to thank me for not listening I woke up with a large breakout on my cheek first thing the next morning.  So even myself who knows better (as this is common reaction whenever have wheat) have weak moments and cave in to temptation but I get right back on track again the next day and keep moving forward.


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