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  • Jessica Luft

Detox Your Cellulite Away

The causes of cellulite can range from age, genetics, diet, lack of exercise and even stress.  It's caused when the connective tissues weaken and fat cells gets pushed through the dermis.   Some of these factors we can't control but we certainly can control some of them. 

These five simple lifestyle changes can have a big impact on your battle with cellulite.   1. Start your day with a glass of warm lemon water immediately after waking. Squeeze one organic lemon into a 16 oz glass and enjoy as you would tea! Lemon helps to break down the food that you will be consuming during the day as well as remove any toxins from your body. Proper hydration improves your skin’s health and helps reduce the appearance of cellulite, wrinkles, and blemishes. 2. Up your cranberry intake. Consuming between 8 and 12oz of cranberries or cranberry juice per day as it helps to emulsify fat and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Frozen cranberries can be enjoyed as a mid-day treat or throw a bottle of Cran-Water in your bag while on the go. Make your own Cran-Water by filling up a bottle with 4 oz of cranberry concentrate and 28 oz of water, twice daily. Cranberries are loaded with vitamins such as A, B1, C, and E, all essentials to the removal of toxins in your lymphatic system. 3. Substitute your cooking oil, swapping out canola oil for coconut oil. Coconut oil is not only more beneficial for overall health, but studies have shown that coconut oil aids in the breakdown of fat cells that make up cellulite. Add a tablespoon to a fruit smoothie or whip up some banana coconut pancakes. Switching from canola oil to coconut oil has multiple benefits for you, your skin, and your health.4.  Reduce your intake of refined sugars and opt to eat whole foods instead.  Whole foods contain antioxidants and a whole other slew of nutrients to support the structure of the skin and prevent free radical damage that caused by toxins.

4. Keep moving, going for a walk after dinner, biking to work or doing a yoga class will increase circulation, help reduce stress as well as reduce fat. 

Bonus tip: Add 3 tablespoons of coconut oil to a warm bath.  Sweating out toxins is crucial to the reduction of cellulite. The coconut oil will not only make your skin feel incredibly smooth but will increase the release of toxins during your bath. Make sure to stay hydrated before and after your soak. Anyone can suffer from cellulite; it is an equal-opportunity offender. The best results come from consistency and determination with a healthy daily routine. Stick with this one, not only for your cellulite but for your overall health! 


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