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Entering your forties and beyond is filled with many milestones which can be both exciting and just plain scary.

It's a time to reflect on your life so far and start thinking about what you want to create in the next chapter.



Scoff at societal expectations and embrace your natural beauty, starting with your skin.

Harness the power of words to give yourself both the permission and power to look at the world and your place in it in a whole new way.

Embrace your inner and outer beauty by re-discovering and re-storing that natural, healthy glow to age gracefully.



Your skin is a direct reflection of her inner health. When there’s an imbalance it often results in breakouts, irritation, dryness and even premature aging.


By understanding and replacing toxic products with more natural and/or organic ones, eating skin-nourishing foods which feed cells and enhance collagen production, you can start to recharge your skin and re-discover your youthful, radiant glow all without harmful products or invasive procedures. 



  • Do you know the connection between what you eat and how it affects the skin?

  • Are you eating what's in season?

  • Do you know changing seasons impact skin needs?

  • Do you shop for skin products based on your skin's needs? 

  • Are you ready to get moving on immediate actions to re-discover and re-store that youthful, radiant glow?

Date: February 6, 2024

Time: 6:30 pm

Where: Dandelion Foods, Almonte, Ont.

Cost: Only $5 (redeemable in-store)




Jessica Luft

Jessica is the founder of Glowing Skin Begins Within. She's passionate about helping women over 40 to fully embrace their natural beauty on their journey towards aging gracefully.


As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Esthetician, she guides and inspires her clients to achieve long term transformational results using her unique inside-out holistic approach which focuses on incorporating beauty nutrition and using safe and effective products with the intention of restoring that radiant glow within us all, and yes, especially after forty!


Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Certified in Beauty Nutrition


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All details, including confirmation, will be emailed once registered.
Make sure to check ALL your mail folders in case you don't it, and get in touch with me with at with any questions.
We look forward to seeing you!

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With some knowledge, prep and care, you can enjoy everything Winter offers while maintaining your youthful glow all year long - naturally!

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