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Immerse yourself and let yourself go with sound therapy, the peaceful glow of candlelight, the warmth of fire, all in the comfort of a private beauty studio environment.


Each phase of this approximately two-hour facial experience is carefully crafted to manifest healthy skin through a holistic approach of natural skin care, beauty nutrition, and healing products and techniques.

Ultimate Facial Exp (logo)_edited.jpg

Professional facial chosen specifically for your skin type & needs

Natural crystals (Quartz & Gua Sha) to heal & rejuvenate skin cells

"Skintastic" beverage to feed skin cells

Soothing ice globe facial massage to reduce puffiness and smooth skin

Cell repair & healing transformation sound therapy

Professional skin care products at reduced prices

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$175 (2 hours)

Soft Surface

PLUS! You receive the


"SEASONAL                     PROGRAM"

(a $97 value)

A 14-day online program taking a holistic approach to nourishing your skin using the seasonal gifts from Mother Nature.

Get Ready To...

Nourish your cells with those foods in season.

Energize your natural cleansing processes.

Feel more confident in your skin!

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$175 (2 hours)

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