What Does Gut Health Have To Do With My Skin?

May 30, 2018

Did you know that roughly 70% of your body's immune system resides in your gut?  Have you battled the flu or had that awful cold that just won't go away? Have you felt lethargic?  Do you have a nagging skin condition that just won't heal or one that keeps returning about the same time each year? The solution is likely in your gut.  I truly believe, and have seen first hand, how important it is to have a healthy gut. 

What is gut health anyway???


When your digestive tract is functioning optimally it means that you're efficiently absorbing nutrients, your body is not inflamed, your immune system is strong and you are feel good after eating.  In my case due to having a severe sensitivity to wheat, my body was inflamed, my stomach was bloated and I wasn't absorbing the nutrients needed to be as healthy as possible.  All of this showed it's ugly head as skin breakouts and stiffness throughout my body and it wasn't pleasant.  Because I have been though this learning and healing process, I discovered so much along the way to recognize, adapt and sustain proper gut health for optimal skin. 


So what does my gut have to do with my skin you ask???

Your digestive system is packed with beneficial bacteria but sadly due to age, poor food choices, increased stress levels and medication it makes these friendly bacteria and enzymes work even harder.  This weakens our immune system, causes inflammation and decreases nutrient absorption.  Have you ever heard the expression it's not what you eat, it's what you absorb?  Well a healthy gut is the key to breaking down all your food so that every cell, organ and tissue are properly nourished. 

Our body is amazing at telling us (sometimes yelling at us!) when something isn't quite right.  Can you hear it? Do you recognize the shouts?  Often, we ignore these messages thinking things will get better on their own.  We're all guilty of it but the problem is if we don't get to the root cause it will never completely go away.

Your gut has so many functions, it's the centre of our health universe, and these are just some of its amazing functions:

  • It breaks down food so that it can feed and nourish our cells including our skin cells

  • It is the foundation is our immune system keeping us healthy

  • It eliminates waste and toxins

  • It controls and balances hormones


So, what's the solution?

Increase your intake of healthy, nutrient-dense food and cut out the sugary snacks, this will help to manage your insulin levels more effectively, which in turn will lead to more balanced hormones, reduced inflammation, more energy and more clear and healthy skin.  

More ways to support gut health:


Often the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word "probiotic" is yogurt. While certain brands may market its probiotic as "gut friendly" when in fact much of these yogurts are packed full of sugar (do you remember those fruit on the bottom cups?).  These yogurts are typically dairy-based and hard to digest making them a main culprit for breakouts.  If you are sensitive to dairy and/or have skin flare ups such as breakouts it's better to choose a cultured coconut based yogurt and then add in your own fruit.


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