Exfoliate to Glowing Skin!

March 3, 2018

Now is the perfect time to get rid of all those dead skin cells from the summer months and to renew more healthy and vibrant skin for the colder ones ahead. There are so many different kinds of exfoliants out there so here are some of my guidelines to help you navigate.


If you have delicate or sensitive or even dry skin, once a week should be enough but always listen to your skin.

If you have more oily or thicker skin, you could do twice a week but if you choose a stronger exfoliant once a week would be more than enough.


Here are a few popular exfoliants...


Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA's) are best for drier and more sun damaged skin, they exfoliate the surface of the skin, it not as drying and helps promote collagen production. AHA's come from a variety of natural sources such as glycolic acid from sugar cane, citric acid from citrus fruits and lactic acid from milk.


Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHA's) are better for more oily skins and those prone to breakouts. They help cleanse inside the pores, it's antibacterial and can reduce redness and inflammation. A common BHA is salicylic acid from willow bark.


Enzymatic peels containing papaya and pineapple extracts help dissolve proteins from the surface of the skin.


There are also physical scrubs made with oatmeal, sugar, salt, walnut etc thase are more abrasive but also do the job.


If you have very sensitive skin, rosacea or another skin condition that causes inflammation steer clear of anything too harsh or gritty, and I suggest doing a test patch first. It is common to have a tingling feeling especially when using chemical exfoliants but it shouldn't be painful.


Let's Get Glowing!



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