Today, we are exposed to the greatest toxic load in our planet's history. Detoxing periodically is essential to maintaining proper health and to avoid disease. Detox assists in restoring our body's energy and vitality by eliminating chemicals taken in by various environmental pollutants (food, air, drinking water).  A buildup of toxins could lead to depression and a host of other chronic health problems.

When toxins accumulate in the nervous system we feel irritable and depressed, weak if toxins backup into the heart, bloated if they reach the stomach, and our breath is foul is they reach the lungs. If they try to escape through our skin, rashes and blotches develop or we look pale and wrinkly.  If they make it to our glands we feel fatigued, our sex drive may cease and we may appear to look older than our actual age.

By now if you're middle-aged, you've showered and brushed your teeth about 15,000 times. Here's an interesting question - if you keep cleansing your skin and teeth daily, doesn't it make sense to clean the inside of your body at least periodically?

The 3 in 1 FIT System works by breaking down toxic chemicals and helping the body restore energy and vitality. This helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle while keeping you looking and feeling young in spite of having been exposed to environmental toxins.
Ionic Foot Detox
$45 (single session)
$200 (5 sessions)
$375 (10 sessions)
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