Let me help guide you on your journey to skin health & transformation







My Complimentary "Discovery" call is 20 minutes and is an opportunity for us to discuss your main skin health concern and expectations. The private and confidential session is conducted either over the phone or online.

There is no obligation to continue with me.  My goal is to see if I can help and, if I can't, I will try to point you in a better direction. The only thing I require is for you to be genuinely interested and committed to helping yourself.

To get started, click below to reserve a time.  I look forward to speaking with you.

All consultations are private and confidential and designed to get to the root of your skin issues and frustrations. I use a holistic approach to fully understand and identify potential causes from nutrition, lifestyle, environment, cleansing techniques, products, and supplements.  Start off with a complimentary discovery consultation and if we think we'd be a good fit, you will be invited to reserve a full personal consultation to help get you on your way to healthy and glowing skin!


Your Initial Consultation is an in-depth look into your main concerns and expectations.  It begins with me getting to know you better through a consultation form and food log which you provide before your first visit.  During the consultation, we will review them both your main concern, your expectations and your goals, frustrations, health history, diet and lifestyle.  This exercise will enable me to begin to uncover any internal and external imbalances in order to start honing in on root causes. This is a mandatory portion of your time with me as it is necessary for me to develop your customized program designed specifically to address your main concerns and get you on the road to feeling better and more confident.


This skin health program includes your comprehensive and customized specific protocol on: 


  • NUTRITION and the specific foods to both eliminate and integrate into your weekly shopping and meal prep which also includes seven days worth of recipes 
  • SUPPLEMENTS may be recommended and carefully selected for you to support and boost your nutritional intake and overall skin health needs.   
  • A PROFESSIONAL SKIN CARE REGIMEN to address your issues and to promote long-term skin health 
  • LIFESTYLE recommeded to help you maintain all of the positive steps and changes for many years to come!


$149 CAD

The road to clearer and healthier skin is a multi-faceted approach requiring dedication, consistency and commitment on your part as most skin conditions don’t happen overnight and, as such, it will take some time to address them. I’m happy to tell you that it is through small repeated changes which can lead to long-term sustainable results. 


Since everyone is unique and each case is different I will put together a course of action for you after the initial consultation to achieve optimal results.  These results will vary by person and will be evaluated as we work together


Progress Consultation is a vital part of your success and is typically one month after your Initial Consultation. The timing of this is optimal as skin rejuvenates itself every 28 days and during this meeting I will assess your protocol to see how its working and make any adjustments as you move forward.  Of course everyone’s skin is different so the amount of time needed to begin seeing and feeling positive changes differs for everyone. Be patient with yourself. With regular and consistent actions you can see your own results and start reaping the benefits.  There are packages available which will be discussed as you progress.

45 minutes
$85 CAD

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I  am not a licensed medical professional and do not diagnose, treat, or prescribe for any illness or health issue. The information and/or advice provided should not be construed as medical advice. If you choose to use any of the natural remedies or advice discussed here, you will be taking responsibility for your own health and wellness.

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